How to Print from your Office Computer

You can print using the photocopier/printer in RCC147 (located in the main office). You need to add printer drivers. Go to start command – search – type in \\fcadprinters (enter) and choose JRN-Kyocera-Copier and/or Lexmark C736 (colour printer) double click on the printer and the drivers will automatically download.

How to Print from Fixed Labs and Journalism Mobile Laptops

The School of Journalism uses PaperCut – a “pay for printing” system. The software will reside on all Journalism fixed lab computers and mobile laptops. Each faculty/instructor will be given a virtual account with $0.00 to use for printing. Your account will be deducted 10 cents per page black and white and 15 cents per page colour.  You are not personally being charged for printing. When you print a document it will be held in a print queue. You need to release the print job as follows:

  • Double click the PaperCut login Icon
  • Login with your FCAD user name and password
  • Click “jobs pending release” and release your print job

How to Print from your Personal Laptop to a Journalism Printer

printing from PC laptop

printing from MAC

What if I Have a Bigger Job to Print / Photocopy?

Please use Ryerson’s Duplicating and Printing Services, 105 Bond St., often called Multiprint, for all jobs over 30 total completed pages. Forms are available at the Journalism reception desk in RCC141. Fill in the information and have Jaclyn Mika or the receptionist sign and provide the account number. The “Date Required” should always be a couple of days before you need the duplicated copies. This service is cheaper than using the copier in the Journalism office. Allow one-week for duplication and delivery of your order.  (The office photocopier does not have staple function).