The School of Journalism has PaperCut – a “pay for printing” system. The software will reside on all Journalism fixed lab computers and mobile laptops. You will have to download PaperCut drivers if you want to print from your own laptop. Each student will be given a virtual account with $10.00 to use for printing. Once you have used the $10.00 credit, printing will no longer be free. You will have to put funds onto your OneCard. Your account will be deducted 10 cents per page black and white and 15 cents per page colour (note the school does not have colour printing). When you print a document it will be held in a print queue. You need to release the print job as follows:
• Double click the PaperCut login Icon
• Login with your user name and password
• Click “jobs pending release” and release your print job
The printer in The Venn (RCC103) will let you photocopy and scan. You can reload your OneCard at the OneCard station located across the hall from RCC141.