The School of Journalism uses an equipment booking software system called Web Checkout. We have a wide variety of equipment that is available to students for academic related projects only. The EDC (Equipment Distribution Centre) has video cameras, audio recorders, microphones, lights, DSLRs, iPods, iPads and laptops. Laptops are only available when not pre-assigned for classes. All equipment must be booked in advance. Students will be notified of the process in the first couple of weeks of classes. If you have a class that requires production equipment (TV, Radio or Online production), equipment can be pre-booked. Students should be reminded to bring their own devices whenever possible as equipment is distributed on first come first serve basis.

You will need to fill out an Equipment Liability and Policy Agreement before signing out any equipment. You will need to have your OneCard with you to complete the document. This document will be kept on file for one year – you will have to submit a new form every year. Fill out the document and take it to the EDC (RCC166) to activate your account. You can also pick up a form in the EDC. You will not be able to sign out equipment until this form is handed in and your account is activated.

You will need your OneCard to sign out equipment and pay fines. You can reload your OneCard at the OneCard station located across from RCC141. If you want to load your OneCard for equipment fine payment purposes you should load onto the “Campus Funds” category. YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE CHARGED A LATE FEE FOR ANY EQUIPMENT RETURNED PAST THE DUE DATE TIME.  Until the fine has been paid, all booking and reservation access will be denied.  Our policy is that if a student has a fine, they can’t use any equipment or facilities until it is cleared.Questions can be sent to Lesley Salvadori.

More information and operating hours can be found at Equipment Distribution Centre.