Janice Neil, Chair Ext. 5318 janice.neil@ryerson.ca
Bill Reynolds, Associate Chair Ext. 6294 reynolds@ryerson.ca
Lisa Taylor, Undergraduate Program Director and Faculty Exchange Coordinator Ext. 7195 lisa.taylor@ryerson.ca
Asmaa Malik, Graduate Program Director Ext. 2787 asmaa.malik@ryerson.ca
Tonisha McMeckin, Graduate Program Administrator Ext. 2756  mj@ryerson.ca
Aseel Kafil, Manager of Administration Ext. 2710 aseel.kafil@ryerson.ca
Bev Petrovic, Student Affairs Coordinator Ext. 6392 bpetrovi@ryerson.ca
Jaclyn Mika, Departmental  Assistant Ext. 6391 jmika@ryerson.ca
Daniela Olariu, Customer Service and Communications Officer Ext. 5319 office.journalism@ryerson.ca
Lesley Salvadori, News Media Technical Coordinator Ext. 6407 lsalvadori@ryerson.ca
Angela Glover, News Media Production Specialist Ext. 7162 aglover@ryerson.ca
Gary Gould, News Media Production Specialist Ext. 7463 ggould@ryerson.ca
Lindsay Hanna, Digital Content and Web Design Specialist Ext. 7468 lindsay.hanna@ryerson.ca
Sally Goldberg Powell, News Media Production Specialist Ext. 6914 sgpowell@ryerson.ca