Marsha Barber Professor

Marsha Barber

Marsha is a professor in the School of Journalism & Continuing Education Coordinator  for the Chang School.

Marsha spent many years at CBC, where she was a senior producer at CBC’s flagship newscast: the National. Before that she was a documentary producer at The National, specializing in investigative pieces for which she won several awards. Marsha also worked as a producer for The Journal.

Before joining CBC, Marsha worked for CTV and TVOntario and did freelance work for the Globe and Mail, Canadian Press, the Toronto Star, and other outlets.  Marsha trains reporters and producers for broadcast networks in Canada and also runs journalism training and media training workshops internationally:  Marsha’s Master’s degree is in Adult Learning and her research interests include a focus on effective teaching.

Her poetry has won awards in Canada and overseas and her books are available through Borealis Press.

BA, McGill University

MA University of Toronto/OISE

Media bias, election coverage, gender issues, effective teaching and training, public broadcasting, pop culture




JRN 800/8401 – TV Documentary

JRN 314 – TV Reporting Workshop

JRN 412 – Documentary Survey