Jim Turk

James L. Turk

Distinguished Visiting Professor

Previous Positions

Canadian Association of University Teachers – Executive Director 1998 – 2014

Carleton University – Institute of Political Economy – Adjunct Research Professor 2010 – Present

Canadian Union of Public Employees -Executive Assistant to the President 1996-1998

Ontario Federation of Labour – Director of Education 1986-1996

Ontario Council of Regents for Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology – Chair (Acting) 1991

United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers of Canada – Director of Research 1981-1986

University of Toronto – Associate Professor 1975-1989, Assistant Professor 1970-1975


Jay Newman Award for Academic Integrity – University of Guelph Faculty Association

Peter C. Dooley Legacy Award – University of Saskatchewan Faculty Association

Distinguished Member Award – Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education

PhD — University of Toronto

MA — University of California, Berkeley

A.B. (magna cum laude) — Harvard University

Knox Fellow — Cambridge University

freedom of expression

science policy

post-secondary education

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Board Member

Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression

Publications since 2000

Turk, James L. (ed.) (2014) Academic Freedom in Conflict: The Struggle over Free Speech Rights in the University. Toronto: James Lorimer & Co.

Turk, James L. and Wahl, Charis (eds.), (2012) Love, Hope, Optimism: An informal portrait of Jack Layton by those who knew him. Toronto: James Lorimer & Co.

Turk, James L. (ed). (2008). Universities at Risk: How Politics, Special Interests and Corporatization Threaten the Integrity of the University. Toronto: James Lorimer & Co.

Guyatt, Gordon H., Cass, Carol E., Jackson, Alan C., Smith, Derryck H., Welch, J. Philip and Turk, James L. (2008). Protecting Academic Freedom. Open Medicine, 2(2) http://www.openmedicine.ca/article/viewArticle/14/130

Catano, Victor M. and Turk, James L. (2007). Fraud and misconduct in scientific research: a definition and procedures for investigation. Med Law, 26(3):465-76.

Turk, James L. and Manson, Allan. (eds). (2007). Free Speech in Fearful Times: After 9/11 in Canada, the U.S., Australia and Europe. Toronto: James Lorimer & Co.

Bruneau, William and Turk, James L. (eds). (2005). Disciplining Dissent: The Curbing of Free Expression in Academia and the Media. Toronto: James Lorimer & Co.

Turk, James L. (ed). (2000). The Corporate Campus: Commercialization and the Dangers to Canada’s Universities and Colleges. Toronto: James Lorimer & Co.

Presentations (Selected 2011-2014)

Turk, James L. “Science Under Siege.” Joint session of the Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians, Canadian Population Society, Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science, Canadian Society for the Study of Education, and Canadian Sociological Association at the Congress for the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences. St. Catharines, Ont., May 27, 2014.

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