Don Gibb

Don Gibb
Professor Emeritus

Don Gibb is a 1968 graduate of Ryerson’s School of Journalism. After 20 years as a reporter, editorial writer and city editor with the London Free Press, Don returned to Ryerson in 1988. He retired in August 2008. During his time at Ryerson, Don taught news reporting to students in the first and third years of the undergraduate program, students in the two-year program for university graduates (now replaced by a two-year master’s program), and final-year students working on the Ryersonian campus newspaper.

Don conducts writing and editing seminars and coaches writers at daily and community newspapers across Canada. He is a visiting writing coach at the Globe and Mail. In 2001, Don was named Ryerson’s Professor of the year. In 2006, he received a second teaching excellence award based on a nomination by his students, and in the same year received the president’s Award from the Canadian Association of Journalists for his outstanding contribution to journalism.

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