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April Lindgren
Associate Professor

April Lindgren is an associate professor at Ryerson University’s School of Journalism, and founding director of the Ryerson Journalism Research Centre. Before joining the School of Journalism faculty in 2007, Prof. Lindgren worked for more than 25 years as an economics and political reporter, editorial writer and television and radio commentator in Ottawa and Toronto. Her work has appeared in the Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen, National Post, Calgary Herald and Vancouver Sun among other publications. Under her direction, the Local News Research Project, funded by both SSHRC and CERIS-The Ontario Metropolis Centre, explores the role of local news in cities. Prof. Lindgren is also the author of Headline: Murder, nominated for the 2009 Arthur Ellis Canadian Crime Writing Award for Best First Novel. In 2005-2006 she was the St. Clair Balfour Journalism fellow at the University of Toronto. She has degrees from Carleton University and the Graduate School of International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland.

BJ, Carleton University

Diplôme in International Relations, Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, Switzerland

News coverage of cities, local news poverty, ethnocultural news media, journalism and and politics

Canadian Communication Association

Toronto Neighbourhood Research Network

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