Professor Anne McNeilly

Anne McNeilly
Associate Professor

Anne McNeilly began teaching Ryerson students after more than 25 years as a journalist including 18 years at The Globe and Mail and eight years prior to that as a news reporter for the Ottawa Citizen and the Kitchener-Waterloo Record where she won six provincial newspaper awards for feature writing, beat reporting, column writing and spot news.

After joining The Globe, Anne held a variety of positions including: copy chief, managing a copy desk of 14 editors; assistant national editor where she helped co-ordinate national news coverage: and assistant arts editor where she oversaw annual coverage of the Cannes film festival and Toronto’s International Film Festival (TIFF).  In 2000, she joined a six-member team that launched the paper’s new Focus section. Her most unforgettable week in news followed Sept. 11, 2001, when the Focus team worked almost around the clock to pull together three feature sections in four days.

When she arrived at Ryerson, she mistakenly believed it would give her more time to work on a novel that she now hopes to finish sometime this century.

Hons BA (English), Queen’s University

MA (Journalism), University of Western Ontario

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, Canadian Communication Association, Canadian Association of Journalists

Her research focuses on language use in the digital age and the impact on news and communication as well as the teaching and scholarship of journalism education. .

JRN 202 – Editing Essentials

JRN 501 – Sampling the Beats

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