Anne Rauhala

Ann Rauhala
Associate Professor
Teaching Chair

Ann Rauhala is teaching Covering the City in the MJ program this fall and Health and Science Journalism during the winter term. Formerly Associate Chair of RSJ,  Ann is currently Teaching Chair for the Faculty of Communication and Design.

In fall of 2016,  she returned from sabbatical during which, in partnership with Journalists for Human Rights,  she taught writing, reporting and editing to students at Tumaini University in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

A Ryerson Journalism graduate herself, Ann spent 16 years at The Globe and Mail, where she worked as a copy editor, assignment editor, beat reporter, foreign editor and featured columnist.

From 1994 to 1997 she was a television reporter, making documentaries, mostly on health and social policy, for CBC television’s The National Magazine. She has also written editorials, business stories, book reviews, magazine articles and radio commentaries.

Until 1999 she was senior editor of CounterSpin, on CBC Newsworld.  In 2000, she worked as an editor at The Toronto Star. She has trained professional journalists in a variety of settings, including online.

Ms. Rauhala won an award from the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women for her beat reporting on women’s issues. The Globe’s foreign desk received numerous National Newspaper Awards and honorable mentions during Ms. Rauhala’s five years as foreign editor. But she is just as pleased that a column she wrote extolling the pleasures of reading has been reprinted in a high-school English textbook.

Ms Rauhala is author and editor of The Lucky Ones, a collection of memoirs by families adopting from China, published by ECW Press in Toronto. The Lucky Ones was named a Best Book of 2008 by Adoptive Families magazine.

Ms Rauhala has won the Faculty of Communication and Design’s  Dean’s Award for Teaching.

BA (English) University of Toronto

B.A.A. (Journalism), Ryerson

MA (English) University of Toronto

Diversity in news management; women in media; social and political attitudes of news managers; coverage of child care in the press; knowledge transfer and exchange.

Ryerson Journalism Alumni Association

Journalists for Human Rights


Pen Canada


JRN 8101 – Covering the City

JRN 202 –  Essential Editing

JRN 505 –   Health and Science Reporting