By Stefanie Phillips, RSJ ’18

The National NewsMedia council a voluntary, self-regulatory ethics body for the English-language news media industry in Canada. Credit: National NewsMedia Council

Two of Ryerson’s student-operated publications join the ranks of Canada’s new english-language media ethics body, the National NewsMedia Council (NNC).

Janice Neil, chair of the Ryerson School of Journalism said the Ryersonian and the Ryerson Review of Journalism became members of the council to exhibit their accountability to the public.

“It’s demonstrating to readers and to the public that we take our role seriously, that we recognize that we are doing this work in the public’s interest,” she said.

Neil said the membership also re-enforces the high level of professionalism expected from its students.

The self-regulating body was established in 2015 to serve as an impartial mediator of complaints against its members and to promote ethical practices in the industry after press councils amalgamated in Atlantic Canada, Manitoba, Ontario and British Columbia.

Members include many of Canada’s English daily publications including The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star and National Post, to name a few.

Since Ryerson became a member, six other university and community colleges have signed up, according to Brent Jolly, NNC communications director.

“These organizations have helped us form our ‘core’ first group of signups, but it was with Ryerson where the idea first began,” he said.

Jolly said they are currently in communication with other institutions to engage more up-and-coming journalists in conversations about ethical dilemmas. The council also wants to be a resource for publications when they confront ethical situations.