Awards 2017

On November 20, 2017 the School of Journalism celebrated its annual awards ceremony.  Hear from some of our students expressing their gratitude to the donors.

Panel: How reporters can improve disability coverage

By Stefanie Phillips, RSJ ’18   A reporter’s commitment to responsible journalism isn’t complete after a style-guide consultation. That isn’t enough, according to David Perry, Pacific Standard columnist and father of a boy with Down Syndrome while addressing a full room at the Rogers Communications Centre on Feb. 5. Perry said consulting a style…


Ten things every journalist needs to know about cyber security

By Stefanie Phillips, RSJ ’18 This year, an article in the Columbia Journalism Review explored how basic cyber security intelligence has become “essential” for all journalists. But based on data collected by the Citizen Lab, most journalism schools are still not doing enough to prepare young journalists for online dangers that threaten to expose…


NASH 80 puts spotlight on newsroom practices

By Stefanie Phillips, RSJ ’18   Student journalists from across Canada were challenged to rethink representation and diversity in the newsroom at the 80th annual NASH conference. The rethinking started with the keynote address on Jan. 4 by CityNews anchor Ginella Massa, who was introduced as Canada’s first hijab-wearing television news reporter. Massa reminded…


Upcoming Event: Atkinson Lecture with Carol Off

By Stefanie Phillips, RSJ ’18 Join us this month for the annual Ryerson School of Journalism Atkinson Lecture featuring this year’s guest speaker, Carol Off, host of CBC As It Happens. Off will be discussing her latest book, All We Leave Behind, and the evolving relationship between journalists and their sources. April Lindgren, founding director…


Three panelists and a moderator sit at a long table.

Takeaways from RRJ’s Fall 2017 conference on disaster reporting

By Stefanie Phillips, RSJ ’18 When foreign journalists descend upon places recently torn apart by natural disasters, they are often given more access than they are used to at home. But Canada’s bureau chief for the New York Times, Catherine Porter said if you want to cover tragedy with respect and sincerity, you have…


A picture of Wendy Mesley standing with her arms crossed.

Headliner profile: Wendy Mesley (RSJ ’90)

By Stefanie Phillips, RSJ ’18 If you ask Wendy Mesley what she remembers most about journalism school at Ryerson in the late ‘70s, she’ll tell you about the nights spent drinking with friends in the upstairs bar of the Imperial Pub. “I remember making friends and having fun,” she said with a laugh, a…


The Digital News Innovation Challenge

Facebook-RSJ-DMZ partnership tackles issues of digital news

By Stefanie Phillips, RSJ ’18 This week, Ryerson’s school of journalism announced the Digital News Innovation Challenge to drive innovation for Canadian journalism and news organizations, in a three-way partnership with the Facebook Journalism Project and the Digital Media Zone (DMZ).   The challenge will give five chosen startups up to $100,000 in non-dilutive…


A hand holds an iPhone showing social media apps.

Lead with caution on social media, j-school profs advise

By Stefanie Phillips, RSJ ’18 Social media can be a journalist’s best friend, or their worst enemy – depending on who you’re talking to and on what day. Sometimes the biggest challenge is trying to build a distinguishable brand while remaining impartial about the topics you discuss.   In October the New York Times…

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