Job Opportunity: Videographer


Job title: Videographer
Rate of pay: $162.00 (at $18/hour)
Expected hours:


One day of work required between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (9 hours total) on Tuesday October 25, 2016.


Set up from 8:00 am

Clean up from 4:30 pm

Duties of the job:


·         Record conference presentations and panels, as well as B-roll footage;

·         All raw footage will be the property of the Mackenzie Institute and must be submitted upon completion of the event;

·         Lunch and coffee for the day are provided, but any travel costs associated with this event are not included.


Please note: we are only looking for candidates who can shoot. Editing of the footage is not required.

Skills and experience expected of a successful candidate:


·         Experience in filming professional quality footage for medium-sized conferences and events;

·         Able to set up a stationary camera and use a roving camera;

·         Must provide own video/recording equipment;

·         Must inform the organizers ahead of time if any additional equipment or resources are required.

About the project:


The Mackenzie Institute will be holding a one-day conference on “Cyber Resilience: A Holographic Perspective on Continuing Threats and Potential Solutions” at Massey Hall, 4 Devonshire Place in Toronto.


The conference will address cyber risks and how we can make our financial systems, healthcare facilities and security apparatus more resilient. By bringing together businesses and government leaders, we provide an open forum in discussing threats, mitigation, prevention, recovery, and resilience techniques with our expert commentators, and encourage the sustained need for cyber security.

Contact information:


Ms. Kyla Cham

General Manager, The Mackenzie Institute

Deadline for applications: Friday September 23, 2016