About the award

Established out of the generosity of Scott Lauder, who taught English literature to Ryerson journalism students for more than three decades. The award helps cover expenses associated with an out-of-town internship course placement and is given to a student who might not otherwise be able to finance such a placement. Estimated at $1,500.

Application Deadline

Apply during the fall term for this award. Details will be posted and delivered to students annually via email.

Time of Award

When the internship is secured or completed, as determined by the Awards Committee.


To be eligible for this award, a student must:

  • be a full-time student in clear academic standing enrolled in the undergraduate Internship course and pursuing an out-of-town placement;
  • demonstrate financial need as determined by completion of the school’s Internship Budget Form
  • demonstrate academic and professional merit in composition of the application letter and resumé.

Application Package

  • A cover letter stating only the award you are applying for, your name, your student number, your year of study and your CGPA;
  • resumé
  • internship Budget Form (as above).
  • application letter (include information on the personal, professional, and/or financial significance of your non-local internship). Please include your name, year of study, student number and CGPA in the letter’s header


Past Winners

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