Windows icon

Connecting to the wireless network

  • Click on the wireless icon in the upper right corner of the Finder/Desktop screen
  • A list of available networks will appear. Choose RU-Secure
  • If prompted with Verify Certificate, click Continue and enter your computer username and password if prompted
  • Click Remember this Network
  • When prompted, enter your MY.RYERSON username and password and click Join

Need help with this?                                                                                                                    

  • You can contact CCS if you are having trouble connecting to RU-Secure Wireless on your laptop
  • Phone: 416-979-5000 x6840
  • Email:
  • Location: Kerr Hall West, Room 71

Connecting to Shared Network Folders

At the School of Journalism, we have a number of shared network locations in which you can access, share, and store files.  Some courses will require you to use folders on the Vault for course work. You can use these folders to temporarily store your work though you should keep another copy on an external storage device or use your Google Drive account. You must be on campus and connected to RU-Secure to have access to the Shared Network Folders and Printers.

Windows 7 & 8

  • Click the Windows icon then click on the Computer tile to open an explorer window
  • Right click on Network at the bottom of the left column and choose Map Network Drive

Windows 10

  • Click the Windows icon then right click File Explorer
  • In the pop up window choose Map Network Drive and continue with the steps below

Accessing the Vault (Shared Folders on the Network)

  • Right click on Computer and find Map Network Drive
  • In the folder field enter \\\jrn\vault
  • Select Connect Using Different Credentials and press Finish
  • When prompted enter your my.ryerson username ex. john.smith
  • Enter your my.ryerson password and check Remember My Credentials and click OK
  • Windows will “Map” the network drive
  • To make a shortcut on your desktop go to Computer and right click on the network drive – select Create Shortcut – this should place the shortcut icon on your desktop

Printing in the School of Journalism

Note: Scanning can be done in the Venn by logging onto the printer.  Instructions are posted on the wall behind the printer.  There is no charge for scanning.

Having trouble printing?

If you are having trouble printing from your personal laptop, you can contact FCAD Help

Printer names and location:

  • The Venn – RCC 103
  • JRNPrintLab1 – Hallway to RCC 189
  • JRNPrintLab2 – Hallway of RCC 189
  • RRJV101bw – RRJ Newsroom RCC 101 (RRJ students only)
  • Rye-Tv1 – Ryersonian Newsroom RCC 105 (Ryersonian students only)
  • Rye-Tv2 – Ryersonian Newsroom RCC 105 (Ryersonian students only)
  • Rye-Tabloid1 – Ryersonian Newsroom RCC 105 (Ryersonian students only)
  • Rye-Tabloid2 – Ryersonian Newsroom RCC 105 (Ryersonian students only)

Add Printers (only needs to be done the first time)

**Printer drivers may not work in Windows 8.1 or 10, in that case use WebPrint

Windows 7

  • Go to the Start menu
  • Open search programs and files field, type  \\ and press enter

Windows 8

  • Go to the search field and type run
  • Open the Run application window
  • Type \\ and press enter

Windows 10

  • In the search field type  \\ and press enter
  • You will be prompted to enter your credentials
  • In the username field, enter RUAD\my.ryerson username ex. john.smith and password
  • Select Remember My Credentials and click okay
  • A list of network printers will appear
accessing the different printer drivers
  • Hold down CTRL and select the printers you want to install. i.e. JRNPrintLab 1, JRNPrintLab2, The-Venn. Right click and choose This will automatically install the drivers on your computer.(if you get an error message with Windows 8 ignore)

Sending the print Job (you must print from Papercut)

The process to print a document starts the same.  When in an application, use the usual commands to print.  The document will not immediately be printed as all print jobs are placed in a queue and must be released using the PaperCut system.

Make sure you know which printer your document was sent to so you can find it easily.

Releasing the Print Job

There are two options for releasing a document:

  • Release from your computer by logging into PaperCut
  • This will open the PaperCut login page

**Bookmark this page for easy access in the future**

  • Login using your my.ryerson username and password
  • From the PaperCut interface, select Jobs Pending Release.
  • Find your document and press print for single documents or click Release All for multiple documents.
  • The document(s) will be sent to the printer you selected.
Papercut dialogue with settings for releasing printed documents

Releasing a document from the printer

  • Swipe your One Card in the appropriate slot (follow the instructions next to the printer)


  •  Log on to the printer with your student number



  • Log into the printer with your my.ryerson username and password


Print jobs will remain in cue for 3 hours.  Each of your accounts has been loaded with $10.00 virtual money.  Your account is charged 10 cents per printed page.  Once the virtual money is depleted, you will be responsible for paying for your own printing.