You may want to consider purchasing a mobile computing device. Due to the low cost of some of the new technology being used in the School of Journalism, students can now afford to do production and multimedia work in the field. You will be well-armed if you have access to mobile technology when doing reporting and other class assignments. While the school does not require students to own their own equipment, we know many students will be making purchases and we offer the following suggestions.

MacBook Pro (Retina) 

Intel  i7 Processor

13″ or 15″ (Recommended) Display

8GB or 16GB+ (Recommended) Memory

256GB or 512GB (Recommended) SSD


MacBook Air or Macbook 

Intel i7 Processor 

12-13″ Display

8GB or 16GB (Recommended) Memory

256GB or 512GB (Recommended) SSD

For video editing and design-intensive work, we strongly recommend a MacBook Pro (Retina). 



Intel i7 Processor

13”-17″ FHD (1920X1080) or better Display  

12GB-16GB+ Memory

256GB or 512GB (Recommended) SSD


Some examples of Windows models: 

Dell Inspiron 5000, 5000 Gaming, 7000, and 7000 Gaming laptops. 

For video editing and design-intensive work, we strongly recommend 15” or 17” models with dedicated (e.g., NVIDIA) graphics.


You will also find it almost vital for success to have a mobile phone with audio/video recording capability and a USB memory stick.

For a more detailed look at some of the multimedia equipment recommended by the School of Journalism, you can view our Gear Guide.