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At Ryerson you will need access to photocopying and classrooms.  You will need a Onecard to do this.  You can find information at applying for a onecard.


Janice Neil, Chair Ext. 5318 janice.neil@ryerson.ca
Joyce Smith, Research Director Ext 6394 j1smith@ryerson.ca
Bill Reynolds, Associate Chair Ext. 6294 reynolds@ryerson.ca
Lisa Taylor, Undergraduate Program Director and Faculty Exchange Coordinator Ext. 7195 lisa.taylor@ryerson.ca
Asmaa Malik, Graduate Program Director Ext. 2787 asmaa.malik@ryerson.ca
Tonisha McMeckin, Graduate Program Administrator Ext. 2756  mj@ryerson.ca
Aseel Kafil, Manager of Administration Ext. 2710 aseel.kafil@ryerson.ca
Bev Petrovic, Student Affairs Coordinator Ext. 6392 bpetrovi@ryerson.ca
Jaclyn Mika, Departmental  Assistant Ext. 6391 jmika@ryerson.ca
Daniela Olariu, Customer Service and Communications Officer Ext. 5319 office.journalism@ryerson.ca
Angela Glover, News Media Production Specialist Ext. 7162 aglover@ryerson.ca
Gary Gould, News Media Production Specialist Ext. 7463 ggould@ryerson.ca
Lindsay Hanna, Digital Content and Web Design Specialist Ext. 7468 lindsay.hanna@ryerson.ca
Sally Goldberg Powell, News Media Production Specialist Ext. 6914 sgpowell@ryerson.ca

Yes! We update our school directory every term.

To access to the most recent list, click School Directory

Check Faculty and Courses to see what courses instructors are teaching.

To access the mailing list, click on the mailing list file

Here are the Committees and Service Assignments for faculty for 2018-2019.

Please check Academic Roles and Expectations for faculty.


Accepting your offer
As you know, the hiring system has changed so please note that all offers must be accepted online.
Please proceed to your applicant profile at careers.ryerson.ca to review the offer and any other related documents/attachments provided, and confirm your acceptance by the indicated deadline.
If you need assistance, here are some helpful guidelines.

Be sure to check out the relevant collective agreement at the HR website so that you know about any relevant benefits or services, such as tuition, the athletic centre, and professional development funds.

Direct Deposit and Pay Statements – Direct pay deposit is mandatory at Ryerson. You must complete or update the Employee Information Form that accompanies your contract and return it to FCAD with your signed contract.

Income Tax Information – You can receive your T4 (Statement of Remuneration Paid) and/or T4A (Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity and Other Income) slips electronically! This is the best way for you to access these forms, as eHR is quick, convenient and secure, and allows you to print or reprint your tax slips at your convenience.

NOTE: Only tax slips issued by Human Resources are available through eHR and not tax slips issued by other areas of Ryerson University.


Get your Ryerson Matrix ID?

Register for a Ryerson email account . Click “Fill in the Activation Form”.

You will need your employee number, which you should have received via email. If you do not know your employee number, please call 416-979- 5075 to obtain.

Faculty and staff are required to only use student Ryerson email addresses when communicating with students and all communications with the school will be via your Ryerson email address.  See Policy of Senate for further information.


Get your OneCard


For NEW employees it’s easy to get your OneCard:  Please make sure you have activated your account before continuing. If you don’t already have an employee number, call the HR Client Services 416-979-5000 x5075.

  1. Print your OneCard form at OneCard.  You will be prompted to login.
  2. Take the printout and one piece of government issued photo ID to the OneCard office at Jorgenson – 02.

Once you have your card please contact Lesley Salvadori to activate photocopy and room access.

For EXISTING employees requiring a REPLACEMENT card (i.e. lost card, name change, job change). There is a

$35.00 replacement fee for lost cards or stolen cards and a $10.00 fee for a legal name change.

  1. Print your OneCard form at OneCard. You will be prompted to login.
  2. Take the printout and one piece of government issued photo ID to the OneCard office at Jorgenson – 02.

For more information, please go to University Business Services.  If your card fails to work on photocopier or on Journalism classroom doors, please see Lesley Salvadori.



You can view Winter 2019 schedule on Google Drive. Please look at your course on RAMSS to check the date, time and room number. Please contact Aseel Kafil, if you have any questions.


You can the view Fall 2018 schedule on google drive. Please look at your course on RAMSS to check the date, time and room number. Please contact Aseel Kafil, if you have any questions.







You can only make local and internal calls using Ryerson phones. To make long distance calls, please ask Bev Petrovic to give you a phone card to use.

The department uses XMediusFAX – a network fax server that lets you manage faxes through an internet connection. Incoming faxes will be checked daily and will be forwarded to you by email. If you need to fax a document, scan and forward to the the school’s customer service representative.  Fax # 416-979-5216.

To order and to check the availability of books in the bookstore for students to buy, contact Risto Leivat or ext. 6959.  You need to provide:

  1. Author’s or editor’s name AND full title of the book
  2. Course code (JRN XXX)
  3. Publisher’s name and ISBN
  4. Number of projected students in course

All borrowers must present a valid and activated library card in order to take materials out of the Library and to use many other Library services, including most electronic subscription resources. All cards are issued for the exclusive use of the holder who is responsible for all Library transactions made with the card. Cards are not transferable. Loss or damage must be reported to the Library Circulation Desk immediately in order to avoid unauthorized use for which the borrower will be held responsible. There is a charge for replacement of non-photo Library cards.  Photo ID cards are the responsibility of Ryerson Admissions and loss must be reported to the OneCard Office.

You can also contact Naomi Eichenlaub, the journalism librarian, or at ext. 4855.

To find out more about information and contacts, please go to their website.

Your OneCard should be programmed to let you into Journalism labs and buildings after hours. If you are having problems with your OneCard access please contact Bev Petrovic.


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Teaching resources

Inevitably, there are times when instructors can’t attend a scheduled class. This document
explains the School of Journalism’s policy with regard to when this is acceptable, and what
process you should follow when you are unable to be present for a scheduled class
meeting.  More information can be found at what to do if you can’t attend class.


Course outline template and course management reminders has all of the information you need to help create your course outline.

The School of Journalism posts video tutorials and instructional material for most of the technology, software and apps used in the curriculum. You will find these posts at In Session. You need to sign in using your my.ryerson credentials – click on “workshop” tab.

If you would like to have a video tutorial produced for any software or app that will be used for your course please contact Aseel Kafil At least two weeks’ notice is needed to make sure the tutorial is ready for viewing when needed.

You also have access to lynda.com which offers thousands of video tutorials. Create your profile at lynda.com for FCAD.  

The school also has a free educational enterprise licence for Videolicious.  Many instructors have their students use this to create videos for course assignments.   Please fill out the Ask RSJ Form, if you need an account for yourself or for your students.

Any questions you have about technology and software, you should fill out the Ask RSJ Form.

Course Outlines and Management Reminders

Course Outlines are saved on the Google Drive.  To view the folder, you need to log in using your Ryerson id.

You can view, edit or add other Teaching Resources.

You will need to request access or creation of an online course site from Computing and Communications Services (CCS) for courses you will be teaching. D2L Brightspace is the web-based learning management system (LMS) that Ryerson uses to distribute course material and communicate with students. Find out more about it at Learning Management Support.  Telephone: 416.979.5000 ext. 6806 Email: courses@ryerson.ca for help.

Ryerson’s Administrative Management Self Service (RAMSS) is a one-stop shop for everything you need to do online, such as viewing your academic, financial and personal information at Ryerson.

RAMSS is your self-service option that saves you time and gives you access to your information and options any time, from anywhere. The RAMSS support services and resources outlined on this site are managed by the teams that make up the Office of the Registrar (RO).

Log in at my.ryerson.ca and click on the RAMSS tab to get started.  For more information can be found at RAMSS support.


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Supporting our students


Here are some resources to refer to for emergencies


An instructor should send a student a Letter of Concern as soon as possible when the student is in danger of failing the course but while there is still time to complete assignments or tests.

Please notify Bev Petrovic immediately if a student misses two consecutive classes without providing you with legitimate reasons (family situation or medical condition).

If a student misses class and has a medical note, the student needs to give it to Bev Petrovic, not the instructor.

An Instructor should send a student a Letter of Concern when he/she feels the student is in jeopardy of failing the class. A Letter of Concern should be sent to the student before there is no possibility of a student passing the course. The template below should be used. If you have any questions about the Letter of Concern, please ask Bev Petrovic.

Here are some resources for mental health concerns

Helping a Student in Need

Emergency Response Plan

Fire Alarm Response Plan

Crisis Intervention Referral Process

Steps to take when you encounter concerning behaviour on campus.

If you have any questions then please contact Lisa Taylor.

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Let’s Talk Technology


As a student in the School of Journalism, you have access to the Westar/DeWolfe/Secession production library.  Please log into In Session and then click on the link



Starting August 1, 2018, two factor authentication will be required to log in to eHR, RAMSS, D2L Brightspace and Library eResources.  



Staff and Faculty have access to free Adobe Creative Suite.  Use this link for information and instructions to create your account.

Activate Adobe Create Suite Licence


As a staff or faculty member, you have access to free Microsoft licensing.  Activate Microsoft Licence then click on “register for office 365 education” and follow the instructions.






Information can be found at this link archiving and online publication of Journalism students’ work.

If you need assistance with podiums in classrooms across campus you can call Media Service ext. 5098 or media services for a video tutorial. You can email questions to avhelp@ryerson.ca.
If you are using a Journalism classroom with presentation technology, technical support can be provided by Jaclyn Mika at ext 6391 or fcadhelp@ryerson.ca, ext. 7555.

How to Print from your Office Computer

You can print using the photocopier/printer in RCC147 (located in the main office). You need to add printer drivers. Go to start command – search – type in \\fcadprinters (enter) and choose JRN-Kyocera-Copier and/or Lexmark C736 (colour printer) double click on the printer and the drivers will automatically download.

How to Print from Fixed Labs and Journalism Mobile Laptops

The School of Journalism uses PaperCut – a “pay for printing” system. The software will reside on all Journalism fixed lab computers and mobile laptops. Each faculty/instructor will be given a virtual account with $0.00 to use for printing. Your account will be deducted 10 cents per page black and white and 15 cents per page colour.  You are not personally being charged for printing. When you print a document it will be held in a print queue. You need to release the print job as follows:

  • Double click the PaperCut login Icon
  • Login with your FCAD user name and password
  • Click “jobs pending release” and release your print job

How to Print from your Personal Laptop to a Journalism Printer

printing from PC laptop

printing from MAC

What if I Have a Bigger Job to Print / Photocopy?

Please use Ryerson’s Duplicating and Printing Services, 105 Bond St., often called Multiprint, for all jobs over 30 total completed pages. Forms are available at the Journalism reception desk in RCC141. Fill in the information and have Jaclyn Mika or the receptionist sign and provide the account number. The “Date Required” should always be a couple of days before you need the duplicated copies. This service is cheaper than using the copier in the Journalism office. Allow one-week for duplication and delivery of your order.  (The office photocopier does not have staple function).

VPN (RU-VPN) access is required for off-campus connectivity. If you are working on campus with a hard-wired connection, you do not have to use VPN.

If you are working on a wireless PC or Mac, you must use VPN.  You can request an RU-VPN ID at ccs services/connections.

Need to access FCAD VPN (Virtual Private Network) or Storage on the Shared Network?

If you require a connection to the FCAD network from home you need to connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Additional support can be found at FCADhelp.

E-mail lists


jrnfacstaff@ryerson.ca – e-mail group for all journalism faculty (RFA), instructors (CUPE) and staff. Everyone can send e-mails to this group.


jrnrfa@ryerson.ca – e-mail group for all journalism faculty (RFA). Only journalism faculty can email this list. A few staff members can also e-mail this list for administrative reasons.


jrncupe@ryerson.ca – e-mail group for all journalism instructors (CUPE). Only journalism instructors can email this list. A few staff/faculty members can also e-mail this list for administrative reasons.


jrnstaff@ryerson.ca – e-mail group for all journalism staff. Only journalism staff can email this list. A few faculty members can also e-mail this list for administrative reasons.


The Canadian Press Stylebook is a reference book used by journalists.  Your students will be required to reference this regularly throughout the program.  You will receive an email from The Canadian Press in the first few weeks of classes asking you to activate your account.  For user name or password changes contact Jaclyn Mika.

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Let’s Book Events

Where you can easily find important deadlines, events and school meetings, follow the school’s calendar.

Please contact Jaclyn Mika ext. 6391 if you experience any problems or if you would like to add an event.

You also check the planned Faculty Meeting for Winter 2019 from here

Please note the sheet posted outside each room shows when the room will be occupied.  Schedules are updated weekly. If you need to book a room, please send a note to office.journalism@ryerson.ca.

When you have finished, , please make sure you do the following:

Log off of the computer

Shut down the projector system

Clean the white boards

Clean the classroom of all garbage and papers

The Venn

RCC103 the Venn is the area where students meet and work.  If you have a tutorial booked in this room students should be advised to bring their own device.  There are only 10 networked computers in the Venn. If you have trouble with any of the technology you can visit the Venn help desk located in the south east corner of the room.  If support is not available please email fcadhelp@ryerson.ca .  For support after hours call 647-408- 9442.


RCC223 The Catalyst Audio Production Facility

This is a great space for events for 60 guests, complete with mobile desks, chairs, whiteboards and presentation technology.  If you have trouble with any of the technology you can immediately call ext 7555. Please email fcadhelp@ryerson.ca for any support that is not urgent.  For support after hours call 647-408-9442.


RCC221 Collaboration Space

Equipped with Logitech gear for skype and conference calls and presentation technology.  This room seats 15 people comfortably.  If you have trouble with any of the technology you can immediately call ext 7555. Please email fcadhelp@ryerson.ca for any support that is not urgent.  For support after hours call 647-408-9442.


Computer Labs (note lab doors RCC183 185 187 will be pre-locked at 4:30pm)

All Journalism classrooms have presentation technology, printing to network printers and a teaching station computer.  You also have the ability to connect your own PC laptop or MAC.  Step by step guides to using the systems are located on the teaching station desks.  If you have trouble with any of the technology you can immediately call ext 7555. Please email fcadhelp@ryerson.ca for any support that is not urgent.  For support after hours call 647-408-9442.

Fixed Computing Labs

RCC101, RCC105 and RCC219 are the dedicated fixed computing labs. If you are teaching in one of these labs there will be no need for personal laptops. All computers are connected to the network and network printers. These labs all have presentation technology.  If you have trouble with any of the technology you can immediately call ext 7555. Please email fcadhelp@ryerson.ca for any support that is not urgent.  For afterhours support call 647-408-9442.

Staff Lounge! Great space for meetings too!

We have comfortable staff lounge located in RCC143 with coffee machine (Keurig), fridge and dishwasher. Please help us keep the area clean by rinsing your dishes and placing them in the dishwasher. If you would like to use the lounge as a meeting space, please DO NOT schedule your meeting between 12:00-2:00. The lounge is reserved for staff/faculty lunches during those hours.

The school allocated a moderate budget to acknowledge guest speakers. Gift bags are available for all guest speakers. Honorariums of $100 are available for any guest speakers who are freelancers. To request a gift bag/honorarium, please fill out this form.

Once you fill out the above form, Jaclyn Mika will contact you to confirm it has been received. Gift bags can be picked up from the gift bag shelf in RCC147 (the photocopier room).

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Forms and teaching assessments

iExpense is granted to full-time faculty or staff members or those on a term of a year or longer.  To gain access to iExpense we require a systems access request form be filled in and signed off by your Chair, Director, Supervisor, Manager.  You are currently not set-up in the financial system.  The form can be found at the following location: https://ryersonfs.wufoo.eu/forms/financial-system-access/.
Once the form has been filled in and approved please submit the original form to Financial Services through internal mail or you can drop the form off in a drop box we had in front of our main doors.  To expedite access you can also scan the signed and approved form to rufishelp@ryerson.ca but please send the original hard copy through internal mail to Financial Services.
If you require assistance when filling in the form please contact the Rufishelpdesk at ext. 2688.

Contract Lecturers:

As per Article 18 of CUPE 1 collective agreement, contract lecturers must be assessed during the first few terms of their assignments. The assessments must be made by two different members of the school’s faculty at two different times. As you know, no assessments can be done in the final two weeks of class.

Here is the teaching assessment form

RFA assessments

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